Vula Viti Kofi Martini

Vula Viti Kofi Martini

Vula Viti Kofi is a truly Fijian full strength Kofi Vodka. If you hadn’t guessed “Kofi” is Fijian for coffee. We create this unique liquor distilling Fijian grown coffee hand picked in the Sigatoka valley that is married to our very own Fijian Vula Viti Pure Vodka.

Vula Viti Kofi is a very strong expression of our Fijian coffee and is lightly sweetened with pure Fijian sugar cane. It can be drunk straight over ice, or used as a base for some superb espresso based cocktails

If you love an espresso Martini you will love the deep, luscious Fijian version that will get you up and get you down.

You'll need

  • 60mls of Vula Viti Kofi Vodka 
  • 30mls Fresh cooled espresso 
  • 15ml sugar syrup (you can up or down the ratio depending on your taste; this is how we do it)
  • A handful of solid block clear ice
  • Three coffee beans 


  • Martini Glass 
  • Plenty of hard clear ice
  • Shaker 
  • Hawthorn strainer , or any old strainer you can find
  • Fine mesh strainer (optional)

Putting it together

Chill your martini glass prior to shaking. To chill your glass, fill  the glass with  ice cubes while you prepare your cocktail ingredients.

To your shaker add Vula Viti Kofi, the cooled espresso and finally the sugar syrup.

Add a generous amount of ice to your cocktail shaker (ice that is not solid will melt too quickly and ruin it’s taste).

Cap and shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds ( if you don’t shake hard enough you will not get the crema).

Toss the ice from the Martini glass and strain the shaken Martini into the glass using a hawthorn strainer , or any old strainer you can find.

Garnish with three coffee beans , admire your handywork.


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