Blue Turtle Gin

Blue Turtle gin is reflective of Fiji: its many cultures, its many flavours, and its welcoming smile.

Blue Turtle is an approachable new world gin that balances a very unique set of botanicals, delivering a refreshing drink with Juniper notes overlaid with hints of pepper, spice and citrus.

A multi-award winning gin including a Gold Medal at the World Gin Awards 2022 and Gold at The American Distillers Institute Awards in 2021 we create Blue Turtle from scratch. We don’t buy in neutral spirit,  we make it ourselves from sugar cane based products that gives our spirit a very round soft mouth feel.

Blue Turtle is a one shot distilled gin with no additives or additions post distillation.

As well as traditional herbs we also use Yaqona (commonly known as Kava), Layalaya (the native ginger), Moli Kula (ugly lemon), fresh curry leaf, and numerous others.

Where possible we only utilise local botanicals but Fiji has never had juniper berries so we source the finest berries from Macedonia and bring the old world to the new world of unique Fijian botanicals.

These gently distilled herbs give Blue Turtle a truly unique flavour profile. A gin that is balanced, but with nuanced flavours that express themselves across the palate with hints of citrus, pepper root and spice. Our local botanicals are sourced from the markets, local farmers and the nearby villages.

How to drink


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