VulaViti Pure is a vodka that is an expression of Fiji with a clean, smooth finish, and just a hint of sunshine.

Vodka is a product most often associated with the old world and deeply ingrained in the culture of Europe. VulaViti (Fiji Moon) is not a product that reflects that heritage.

Unlike many vodkas, it is not distilled from grain, but from sugar cane products. We make it slowly and distill it to 95% ABV and above. The unique make-up of the base product gives our vodka a very luscious round mouth feel with just a hint of the Fijian sun in the back.

Classified as a residual base character vodka, we wanted something that reflected the country from which it came and something that set it apart from the myriad of other vodkas in the world. VulaViti is a truly Fijian vodka that retains the sunshine and spirit of the country in which it was created.

Making vodka from scratch is a time consuming process; we ferment first, then strip the alcohol in the big still and finally spend a day slowly and carefully distilling the low wines in our reflux still to create a vodka that is gluten free and as unique as Fiji itself.

Drink better, drink responsibly.​

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