Kalo Kalo Pure White Fiji Rum is smooth with hints of vanilla and caramel crafted by hand in Pacific Harbour.

Kalo Kalo’s heady bouquet is more reminiscent of a dark special reserve rum than your typical bland white mixer. This excpetional Fiji Rum has a  deep bouquet and flavour profile allows it to be used not only as a traditional white rum mixer but in many instances can be used in cocktails that call for a dark rum.

Kalo Kalo Pure White Fiji Rum is bottled at 43% and presents a sweet nose with hints of vanilla and caramel and deep smooth finish. It is unlike any rum ever distilled in Fiji before and we reached deep into flavour notes of the base molasses to create a rum that can be drunk neat on the rocks, or as a base for a multitude of cocktails.

Our rum is distilled multiple times and is fermented from Fiji molasses derived from our lush sugar cane that is grown across the islands by our hardworking sugar cane farmers. We set out to make a rum that stood apart from anything that had been distilled in Fiji before and one that reflects the flavours of our unique Fijian cane. Kalo Kalo has a harmonious balance of fruity aromas, light vanilla and caramel. Our rum is the result of careful management of fermentation and multiple distillations that creates a beautifully clear full bodied and smooth Fiji rum.

The fruity tropical taste is a delight to the palate and follows with a long slow warmth that can be enjoyed on the rocks, or as the basis for an excellent Caipirinha, Mojito and outstanding Daiquiri. The unique character adds another level of depth to these classic cocktails.

Kalo Kalo Pure White Fiji Rum contains no artificial flavours or additives and is distilled by hand in our distillery in Pacific Harbour Fiji

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