Turtle and Tonic

Turtle and Tonic

There can be few other drinks so suited to long lazy afternoons under a Fijian palm tree, the perfect South Pacific gin and tonic.

Blue Turtle Gin has some very unique Fijian botanicals that create a beautifully fragrant and crisp 
gin and tonic paired with a slice of citrus, the local lime, or moli kula, which is one of Turtle’s key botanicals

You'll need

  • 30ml of Blue Turtle Gin ( for a single) 60ml for double
  • 60 mls (120ml for double) of good quality fresh and bubbly tonic water ( you can up and down the ratio as you like , this is how we drink it)
  • A handful of solid block clear ice
  • A slice of citrus
  • You can also add cucumber for garnish


  • A nice big goblet
  • Plenty of hard clear ice

Putting it together

Add a generous amount of solid ice to your chosen glass

Pour Blue Turtle over the ice, and add the tonic

A full slice of citrus ( lime , moli kula, even kumquat) and add to glass- do not squeeze the citrus, and a sliver of cucumber if that the way you roll- stir and find a nice shady spot under a palm.


Hello 2021

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