Hello 2021

2020 was certainly a big year for us.  We built a distillery, built some brands, met some amazing people, had incredible support from hotels, bars and retailers, and cemented a wonderful team at the factory.

We have ticked quite a few boxes and we are so pleased to have produced world class products made by hand in our little distillery from Fijian sugar cane.

We are enormously proud of our Blue Turtle Gin and our VulaViti Vodka.

The blood sweat and tears, the tantrums, and the stress all went away when we finally got the product right. We are lucky enough that our uncle used to be in “the biz” and gave us plenty of advice, is some cases saying nothing was enough. He was our chief taster and luckily we didnt send him blind or kill him.

Our design team at lcdc.co put up with our mad ideas and were always there with solutions to the problems. 

It is rare in life that you get a chance to go on an adventure like this with your family and even though we are working enormously hard we are having a ball.

Thanks for all the support in 2020, and we look forward to an exciting year ahead


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